Livestock Auction Add-on pledges

All Livestock Exhibitors Market animals are raised locally by local Livestock Exhibitors children 8 – 18, The purpose for this project is to educate on leadership, responsibility and life skills through experiential learning programs and positive youth development.

How you can help:

(1) Auction: Why should i purchase an animal from a livestock auction?

You receive personal satisfaction through:

  1. Helping promote Livestock Exhibitors & Youth “Learn by Doing” programs.
  2. Obtain drug free meat for your freezer.
  3. Free advertising you will receive as a buyer in various papers, at the fair and on next year’s flyer promotions.
  4. Invitation to Buyers Dinner.

(2) Add-ons:  Add-ons are pledged donations that individuals and business make to help offset the cost of a Livestock Exhibitor members project, An Add-on amount may be any fixed dollar amount. This Add-on can be applied to one Livestock Exhibitors member or multiple members.

If you will not be able to attend the auction,  you can still pledge an Add-on,  and mail your Add-on check to the Collier County Fair office NO LATER THAN APRIL 15th 2019.