Pedal Tractor Pull

Who competes?

Ages 4-12 years old

Based on participation, a winner will be chosen in both the boys and girls divisions, in each age group.

Will need proof of age.

Come One And All!

Come Join in this new exciting event for Kids, called Pedal Tractor Pull.

It is a newer event that is gaining popularity throughout the states.

Cheer them on as they pedal for their chance to win.

Come be a part of this exciting family fun activity!

What happens during the event?

The contestants get to use tractors that are provided.

They then must pedal as hard as they can for as long as they can go without assistance from outside.

A weight will move further and further up the sled making it harder and harder to go forward.

The winner is determined by a series of runs with ever-increasing difficulty.

Coming Soon

Next year we plan on doing electric tractor pulls for the kids as well.

So start thinking and saving because that will only add to the family fun and thrill.

Also would be a good time to teach your kids simple mechanics.