• 2022 46th Annual Fair Opens: in 140 days, 16 hours, 1 minute, 2 seconds

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    Welcome to the Collier County Fairgrounds STEaM initiative.

    The Collier County Fair board is pleased to announce that we have instituted a new division of the fair board and category of exhibits for the fair.  Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Math (STEaM).

    If you or your group are interested in participating in the STEaM displays / projects during the fair, you can contact us at STEaM@CollierCountyFair.Com .

    More details will follow but to give you an overview of the things we are going to do this year.

    Lego Team Build off

    Multiple team of 4 or 5 will be competing in a lego build off.

    We will announce the theme of the build off at the start of the event. The judges will determine the winners based on the creativity and how well the “lego art” represents the theme as the end the event.

    Teams will each be provided with an equal quantity of various lego pieces and a budget of Lego dollars.

    Lego dollars can be used to purchase specialty lego pieces at the start of the event,  and can be used to “buy” secret items that will be revealed and auctioned off to the highest bidder during the course of the build.

    There will be a time limit so plan your time wisely.

    Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.

    Depending on how many teams enter, we may have multiple build offs on different days. The more teams,  the larger the prizes !!!

    OOOO…  did I forget to tell you,   it will be free to enter your team in the build off !!!!

    What Is an Augmented reality sandbox?

    The Augmented Reality Sandbox is an interactive system that allows the user to create topographies with sand, it analyzes the topography and projects a real time color coded topographical map onto the sand.  The system can also project simulated water (or Lava) to emulate how it would flow based on the topography created.

    What do you do with an AR sandbox?

    • Do you remember learning about topographical maps? A bunch of lines on a piece of paper that represent the 3rd dimension of land?  The AR sandbox not only creates topographical maps, but allows you to see them on top of an actual 3d model.  Used as a learning tool, the AR sandbox helps to expedite the learning curve of how to read topographic maps by combining the flat topographical map and the actual surface it represents.
    • Why does water flow from one place to another? What would happen if we built a canal or a road right in the path of flowing water?  The AR sandbox can simulate these scenarios and makes the learning process easier.
    • Fun with technology. Who does not like to have fun with technology? Things like the Xbox sensor that allows you to control a game with movements of ­your body, the Wii sensor, even the door sensor on the grocery store (don’t tell me you haven’t tried to sneak up on it).  The AR sandbox combines various technologies to perform real time analysis of a surface and then give instant feedback right on the same surface. What better way of learning than having fun while you’re doing it?

    MakeLangelo Vertical Plotter

    Watch out Makelangelo drawing robot ( vertical plotter) draw different designs and images.   This is a project that many families can do themselves as a STEAM project.  All the software is free and available online.  visit http://makelangelo.com for details.

    The water bottles were used as counterweights to demonstrate that it does not take fancy pieces to do these projects.

    3D Printing Demonstration.

    3D printing is a hot topic right now. Did you know that the International Space Station used a 3D printer to create a wrench?

    We want to help expose as many people as possible to technology and hopefully seed some ideas in people of all ages on what technology can do for us.

    Stop by the STEM exhibits and check out a 3D printer printing different items both useful in our everyday lives and artistic.

    Over the course of the fair,  we will be printing pieces and tools that will all come together into one final assembly on the last weekend of the fair.

    Want to know what it is???  your going to have to stop by and see.

    Robotics 4-H Club


    Collier County Extension 4-H and Youth Development Robotos 4H club will be presenting their robots at the STEAM tent during the fair.

    Check for them on Wed March 23rd , Sat March 26th and Sun March 27th.